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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  March 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ing news in america this friday morning. thank you for watching everybody. have a good weekend. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> he prevented his fire arms from being taken from him and used against them. that is called saving or of life. >> march support for george zimmerman. the brother opened up about the debt said trayvon martin. it is friday march 30. steve has the day off. we began with a traffic and weather. first, steve. >> we are looking at a quiet and mild morning.
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clouds will start to filter into the region as we move into the late day hours. 32 degrees in cleveland. 46 degrees in the district. 44 degrees in fredericksburg. look to the upper left-hand corner of your screen. that will be your next whether maker. there is this area of low pressure that will gradually move in our direction as to move through the overnight areas. late afternoon showers. nighttime lows will follow are around 50 degrees. coming up a look at the rest of the week and forecasts. >> i am thinking that overnight construction will be a thing of the past. they were diverting traffic on
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the beltway on 66 and springfield. did they were working on the beltway. there are accessing 395 in the beltway. >> thank you so much. we're following some breaking news. here's a live look about a house fire. firefighters were called out to the 16,000 block of a bald eagle road before 3:00. there is no word what caused the fire but it may have started in the basement. the family was not injured. >> the mega millions record jackpot has grown to $540 million. to the drawing is tonight. a lot of people are so excited they are having a hard time thinking about anything else.
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people have been scrambling to buy tickets. >> all my dreams to come through with this. >> i would be happy with 1/4 of that. >> the chances of winning are slim to none. it is a chance. >> it is a fun thing to do. >> some people are pulling their resources to buy tickets hoping they will increase their odds. more than 100 co-workers told there's. of their spending $10. -- >> watched the drawing live. >> in the day had come at the d.c. health department will announce he will get medical marijuana permit. some medical marijuana centers will be set up in the city. the groups that are chosen will receive licenses to operate them. they will sell marijuana to five dispensaries in d.c. which will
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be announced in june. >> a new marijuana superstore is set to open. they snapped a picture of the sign going up at the wheat store. they will sell growing supplies but not marijuana or seeds. the district legalized medical marijuana. it is still illegal under federal law. >> the brother of the man who shot and killed trayvon martin is speaking out about incidents. robert zimmerman sat down for an exclusive interview. this video shows a george zimmerman in police custody following the shooting. roberts says george told him martin was the aggressor. >> my brother juror back to grab his phone and retreat to call my 114. this person has now confronted
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me. that is what he did. he never get to make that call. he was attacked. >> in the video, it is hard to verify whether george had injuries to his head. robert zimmerman says he is confident medical records will verify his brother was indeed injured. >> paul ryan plans to endorse mitt romney today. this comes one day after george h. w. bush also endorsed the former massachusetts governor. bush said this time for republicans will unite behind romney. george w. bush remained neutral. president obama is going to do some campaigning up his own today. he will attend to fund-raisers in vermont. then you go to maine for two more evidence. turning to today's bloomberg
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minute. apple is in hot water over labor conditions not good china and is facing another class action lawsuits. linda bell joins us from new york for those stories and more. >> good morning. happy friday to you. we have more problems for apple. they say an audit overseas account "serious violations of chinese labor laws." helping workers understand their rights is essential. another iphone4s user is slapping apple with a lawsuit with the boysvoice activation. the iphone is hurting sales. investors are taking a close look of shares of research in motion. to their shifting their focus to workers. united continental is fair in
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the pain of higher fuel costs. they are trimming their domestic capacity. the dow said they will boost their international flight which typically brings in more money. we have google that wants to come out with a tablet computer. i will have the details in the next hour. live at bloomberg headquarters, reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you. we are looking at 44 degrees. much more to come on "good morning washington." >> take a look. do you have the dashcam to prove this. of the house approved a new budget plan. likewhy federal workers may not be so happy with part of that.
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>> welcome back on this chilly start to our friday morning. things are improving for the morning hours. before their north and west you go, the colder it is. reagan national airport 46 and 44 degrees. the satellite and radar is moving off the east coast. that means that our skies will start to move out. i suspect we will be looking at some showers.
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here is some rain. partly cloudy for today. you might want to grab the umbrella just in case as you head out the door. you will need it tonight. full forecast. the outlook is coming up in a few moments. >> hello. i thought i would talk about travel times. it looks pretty decent for us. we will give you the green light. everything is working in our favor. nothing complicated to report on 66 and on the green way. working hard. >> i am trying. thank you. we are looking at 44 degrees. still to come, at age dramatic new study shows rate of the this order doubled in the last half decade.
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what could be behind the increase. >> heartache after fired storiesdestroy several homes. >> the balancing the budget on the
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>> your time is for 40 4:00 a.m. a budget has pushed through the house. it is almost certain to die in the senate. if passed on the nearly party-
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line vote last night. the package would revamp medicare and make cuts to everything from food stamps to transportation. the budget resolution calls for continuing federal salaries third 2015. employees would be cut by 10%. employees of have to pay as much in their retirement funds as the government paid as well. mr. brown the region of pakistani intelligence. he will be sentenced in alexandria. he pleaded guilty to running a 20 year scheme to conceal the fact that he ran the kashmiri american council for a front for the pakistani. the judges declared the mistrial in the case of a colombian man accused of killing his twin brother. he was last seen alive leaving the mall in columbia 2007.
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he was killed from the association. and he remains in custody while prosecutors determine whether to retry him. >> five alleged members of a street gang are facing charges of running a teenage prostitution ring. they belonged to an offshoot of another game appeared to be recruited high school girls and advertise them on -- of another game. did they recruited high school girls from facebook are my space and advertise them on credulous. >> young women were allegedly targeted recruited exploited. >> investigators say it had been in operation for five years. they gave the girls drugs and alcohol and threatened to use violence in order to keep them working. >> heartbreak on a local military base after flames destroyed several townhomes.
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it happened yesterday at joint abase dangers. they were passed of the basis minutes after the fire first broke out. we have this story. >> a plan of thick gray smoke commanded the skies above a joint basis angers. agree very quickly -- joint -- >> he says moments after flames ripped through a cluster of town houses those inside manage to escape. >> all the families are accounted for. they are ok. >> they are expected to be ok. >> firefighters arrived on scene quickly due to the blaze. they reached out to the prince george's county fire department. >> they responded almost
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immediately. >> the 17 displaced residents have been relocated. the commander says help is on the way. >> our staff is taking donations for clothing, food, furniture anything else they need. i am proud of the community. >> authorities believe the fire began in the back of one of the town highnesses -- townhouses. abc 7 news. >> thank you. seven is on your side with news about autism. the disorder is more common than previously thought. they said autism at that of 21 in 88 children. autism is nearly twice as common from five years ago. it affects about 1 million u.s. children and teenagers. officials but to beat the increase to better
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recognition. governors of iowa and kansas are do what they can to promote pink slime. that is what they have given to an additive that is processed from the trimmings. sales have plummeted since social media found pictures. >> i want to get a buck at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we are off to a chilly start. >> temperatures are only in the 30's and 40's. winds are out of the east at about 3 miles per hour. the west is where temperatures are around freezing. maryland is at 32 degrees. 37 in cumberland. 50 done in quantico. temperatures show the really cold air to the north of us. temperatures are in the 50's
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for st. louis and indianapolis. 64. temperatures 15 degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this time. high pressure now ms. off the coast. this is our next area. it'll sweep across the area into the overnight hours. this is a better chance for showers and rain. in the meantime, dealing with a frost advisory until 8:00 this morning. it includes frederick county maryland. this is where you have a freeze warning until 8:00. this is our future cast. there are rain showers. the rain quickly will move on out of here. partly cloudy. lady showers. tonight grab the umbrella. you will need it. a few showers may linger.
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a quick look at the extended outlook with highs near 70's. how does the rush hour commute look this morning? >> so far so good. they have been doing roadwork overnight near kenilworth ave. we're going to is the thought never to the beltway. this is to 95 just north of the beltway heading toward the research lab. that is also quiet. good in virginia right now. it is read on the right. it is heading away. west palm 66 getting word of a possible crash. we will let you know. >> thank you 44 degrees. coming up next, back man gets pulled over in montgomery
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county. did the officers talking with us. >>
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>> caught on camera, a caped crusader pulled over police. he was driving nothing else but a bat mobile. police have this dashcam did you. this happened last week on route
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29. >> that was truly a first. >> not too often you pullover a super hero. >> the stock happened in the white oak area on route 29. he noticed the not exactly state approved a batman simple license plates before he noticed the cape crusader himself. >> i walked up. there is batman. i said "batman, i pulled to over because you do not have any tags." >> have a get out and walk over to the passenger side to locate it. >> what is your name? i was expecting bruce. he said lenny. >> he put on the old batman get up for a very good reason, to try to cheer up kids with cancer at area hospitals.
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>> i thought that was great. he is a hero. he is a great guy. >> this is that the first-time batman made the news. the police helped him fix a tire this past halloween on this latest occasion he did not get a ticket. >> a super hero does and i get a ticket. >> if you wait long enough, you will see everything. >> the officer in toward getting the chance to meet batman. once you learn the story of what was during helping the kids, at the almost wishes he had given him a police escort to do it. abc 7 news. >> great work out there. thank you. love that story. 44 degrees. the season on the line. tim brant has a look at last night nail biter. >> the industry and medical marijuana in the district takes
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>> at 5:00, mega millions mania. a record jackpot worth half a billion dollars, if some players hoping for good luck and shelling out money for a shot at the grand prize. it's a big day for pot in the district. the nation's capital mov


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